Atsitsa AT2 June 2016


To make everything simpler to download - so that you don’t need to select each photo in turn, and then right-click on it (Ctrl-click on a Mac) to download each one - I’ve “squeezed”  all the photos into “.zip” files.

All you need to do is to Ctrl-click (Mac) or right-click (Windows PC) on an underlined .zip file’s NAME, below, to download the picture file to your own computer ..but make sure you keep track of WHERE you download them to (..probably to your Downloads folder, or you can specify where to save them).

Then - after you’ve downloaded any of those .zip file(s) - when you double-click on one in your own computer the .zip file(s) will automatically “expand” to show all of the photos inside them, and it’ll have all relevant individual photos inside each of those folders!

( You can also click to watch the slides which were playing behind, and before, the Cabaret!..

..for a MEDIUM sized movie - if you have a -s-l-o-w- internet connection click HERE ..and

..for a LARGE sized movie - if you have a FAST connection - click HERE..)

Here are all the photos - and the Slideshow! - from AT2

(These are the separate, individual photos which make up the Slideshow movie)