Bigger pics..

This was shot with the Leica 16-18-21mm at 21mm and f4, on a Sony A7RII, giving a photo 7952x5304 pixels. Focus was on the top of the umbrella resting on the garden seat, using the Techart LM-EA7 Leica-to-Sony autofocus adaptor, and the A7RII set to Focus Area: Flexible Spot: Small. (This is an out-of-camera .jpg with just a little highlight recovery used in iPhoto, to bring back a little blue into the sky. The photo was then resampled using PhotoShrinkr to keep all the apparent resolution, but shrink the filesize by 70% to make it load faster online.)

This is an enlargement of the central area - the umbrella - showing that the Techart+Sony focusing has correctly hit the head of the umbrella, and has ignored all the surrounding (closer-to-camera) foliage. (This, too, has had its filesize reduced using PhotoShrinkr.)