My colour - they’re almost all in colour - photos are also often puzzles, or quirky things: I like oddities in the photos - besides their blasts of colour - which sometimes need a good look around the photo to see what’s happening this case the boy in the centre seems to have been lifted off his feet by his balloons..

..These photos are not meant to be Xeroxes, or straight representations of scenes which were in front of the lens, but they’re meant to be pictures of emotions, of oddities, of relationships, of recursive aspects within a picture ..and - primarily - simply colours.

The girl in the crossword coat, for instance, two photos above, is a picture of isolation within a crowd, it’s a picture of of a different identity from the crowd ..and within the picture there’s the repetition of the squares on the floor, repeated in squares on her coat: repetition of an aspect of the picture within that picture.

(Those are the main things which my own photos are about ..but especially to give an emotional kick, a feeling ..such as isolation, and quizzicality, as in the 3rd photo down from the top.)